Clothing Color Matching Tips
03.11.2024 | lorealwear | Tips

There's always one less outfit in the closet because we're always missing the clash of colors and matching.
In this issue, we will talk about color matching .

Match complementary colors.
Complimentary colors are colors that are 180 degrees apart on the color wheel and generally pair well with cool and warm colors. This combination can create a strong visual sense and make the whole look vibrant. For example: red and green, blue and yellow, etc. are examples of complementary color combinations. In daily wear, it is recommended to use complementary colors as embellishments in small areas.

Match adjacent colors.
Adjacent colors refer to colors that are adjacent on the color wheel, such as green, khaki, etc. This matching method can make the clothing look gradient and easy to control. Choosing colors of the same color with different purity to match can create an elegant and luxurious feel.

Similar color combinations.
Approximate colors refer to the combination of two relatively close colors, such as red and orange-red or purple-red, yellow and green or orange-yellow, etc. This combination has a soft effect and is suitable for creating a harmonious and unified atmosphere. 

Mix colors.
Heterochromatic matching refers to the matching of two colors that are far apart, such as yellow and purple, red and turquoise, etc. This kind of matching is relatively strong and can produce sharp contrast.

Colorless and colored combinations.
For combinations of colorless and colored items, it is best to color according to brightness. The greater the brightness difference, the stronger the feeling, which can emphasize the feeling of color. Combinations of similar brightness can emphasize a modern feel.

Black, white, and gray are universal basic colors that can not only be used alone, but can also be used in contrast with other colors.

Layer matching
Depending on the color and texture of the clothes, different levels of color matching can be used to create a more layered look, and pleasing contrasting colors can be added to make the outfit more tasteful.